C. Diane True

GIS Coordinator

(573) 441-2794


As GIS Coordinator, Diane mainly functions as technical consultant and production manager. She works with the various MoRAP agencies to iron out the technical details for projects and writes programs to simplify the data development process. Once the standard operating procedures have been developed, she trains others and updates the processes as necessary. Diane also coordinates among and between the respective MoRAP agencies by initiating Technical Committee meetings and special sub-committee meetings as needed. However, she endeavors to find time to produce artful maps whenever possible.


Diane first became interested in geography when she was teaching history and earth science in Texas. She attended a summer program for teachers presented by the National Geographic Society at Texas A&M University. This encouraged her to work on a masters degree in geography at TAMU (thesis: A Comparison of Land Use/Land Cover and Water Quality of the Navasota River Basin, Texas). A Digital Image Processing class piqued her interest in computers and geography, and she started a summer job at the Mapping Sciences Laboratory (http://www-msl.tamu.edu) as a GIS Technician. The next year she became leader of a fire hazard mapping project for the Texas Forest Service. A few years – and several projects – later, MoRAP offered her a dream job.