Dr. Clayton Blodgett

Remote Sensing Coordinator

(573) 441-2797


As Remote Sensing Coordinator, Dr. Blodgett mainly functions as technical consultant and development manager on projects dealing with remotely sensed information. He assists the director with grant authorship and management. He provides remote sensing education and training to employees, partners, and student workers.


Dr. Blodgett joined MoRAP in October 2000. He has a PhD in Geography from the the University of Kansas (Dissertation: Geostatistical Modeling of Forest Canopy Structure in Grand Teton National Park) and has 17 years of experience in RS/GIS applications. He holds an MSc degree in Geography from the University of Calgary (Thesis: Application of Fusion Techniques to Panchromatic and Multispectral SPOT Imagery, Southwest Yukon) and a BS degree in Geography from Utah State University. His interests focus on linking remote sensing, geographic information systems, and spatial statistics/environmental modeling to address practical problems in natural resource management, conservation ecology, biogeography, and landscape ecology. Before joining MoRAP Dr. Blodgett was a Research Associate at the University of Kansas.