Michael E. Morey

IT Professional

(573) 441-2790


Michael Morey began working for MoRAP as the database manager in July of 1997. He has worked on various projects, including the Aquatic Gap Pilot Project. He has assembled community sampling data, particularly of fish, from various agencies and institutions throughout the nation. He has worked with other members of the MoRAP staff to develop predictive distribution models. Michael also serves as MoRAP’s IT professional.


After graduating from the University of Kansas, Michael pursued a career in journalism, working both as an editor and an investigative reporter. After a few years, he pursued other challenges and interests. He accepted the position of manager and conservation education director with the Jackson County (Mo.) Soil and Water Conservation District. While there, he had the opportunity to deal with a wide range of issues related to natural resource conservation. During the late 1980’s, Michael’s interest in computers grew as personal computers gained in power and capability. He attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City and earned a degree in computer science. After graduating from UMKC, he worked as a computer application developer and technical writer for The Writers Group and Applied Communications Group in Kansas City. He also worked on a variety of projects at Sprint Corporation. As the database manager at MoRAP, he is able to actively pursue his interests in both computer application development and natural resource conservation.