Updating Fire Fuel Models for Texas

TFS Surface Fuels Map

MoRAP will work with the Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) to create the input datasets necessary to update the surface and canopy fuels for the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment using the latest technology and methods. The purpose of the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment is to provide wildfire risk information and create awareness about wildfire issues across the state.

Pilot study areas will be defined after examining the imagery, literature, Texas ecosystems and ancillary data. The purpose of pilot study areas is to review various methodologies, software programs, imagery, spectral band indices, training data application, enduring features, biophysical settings, optimal modelling techniques and sources of ancillary data needed to achieve the most advantageous digital datasets.

The statewide production phase will follow the completion of and will be based on the findings of the pilot studies. MoRAP will develop a landcover dataset for all five Texas geographic zones. MoRAP will also produce herbaceous productivity and woody height datasets, and a database containing rulesets to crosswalk landcover data to the Texas Ecological System map class.

We anticipate this work will result in improved fire fuel model mapping techniques and methods across the state and will provide a path for these improvements to be applied in future statewide mapping efforts.