Dr. David D. Diamond

MoRAP Director

(573) 876-1862


Dr. Diamond was the first MoRAP employee, and came on board in January of 1996. He is responsible for overall management of MoRAP staff and projects. He helps staff establish and adhere to time lines for product production. He oversees the budget, including grant procurement and management. He recruits, hires, and manages personnel. He is the primary contact point between MoRAP and the Steering Committee and between MoRAP and the University of Missouri. Dr. Diamond also serves as the lead on many individual projects, including many related to his primary area of expertise, conservation planning.


Dr. Diamond has a B.S. in Biology from Eastern Montana College, an M.S. in Botany from Texas A&M University, and a Ph.D. in Range Science from Texas A&M University. He was plant ecologist for the Texas Natural Heritage Program where he wrote the plant community classification for Texas. He became Heritage Program Director in 1990 and held that position until he came to MoRAP. He has more than 50 publications in the scientific and popular literature, primarily on conservation from a landscape scale perspective.