SEMA Project

thematic map

MoDOT has in-house SEMA buy-out lands for the state of Missouri. These data have been put into shapefile format and given spatial relevance. However, some of the addresses for the data points were not accurate enough to give it an exact, unique location; instead a general point was assigned. These points were run through a geocoding function in ArcMap in order to attempt to find a more exact spatial location for each. Many of the addresses were found in the TIGER road files and assigned a more exact placement in the shapefile. This project is currently in its second phase. MoRAP is working on additional attribution and organization of the existing data. Currently more SEMA data is in the process of being acquired to add the the project. The State Emergency Management Agency has purchased lands but these properties are not available as a digital data layer. The Missouri Department of Transportation provided funding to start the process of digitizing these lands.